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WIL Integrated Call Assistant (WILICA®)

WILICA® is a cloud based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, a
technology solution that allows organizations and institutions to
automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct
the caller to the relevant department according to their needs seamlessly
without having to spend more or face the danger of loosing customers or
prospective students or even score low in external ranking.


How WILICA® works

➢ A caller calls the dedicated line issued to your organization/company
➢ The caller is greeted with a professional studio-recorded audio message
➢ The caller is then presented with options on the departments or offices he/she wants to connect with
➢ The caller is then routed to the particular department requested
➢ Any action set for any caller requesting for that department now runs
➢ The caller is now connected to any available pre-configured staff seamlessly
➢ The system can route more than 20 calls within a second without putting the caller on hold
➢ During non-working hours, the system can send pre-configured text messages or emails or take voice messages from the caller, perform configured actions


WILICA® Features

  • Call-to- SMS feature
  • Call-to-Email feature
  • Assign key units/departments from 0-9 keys including * and # keys
  • Setup system to ring on all connected phones at once or in sequence
  • The system can ring up to 70 seconds (an additional 40 seconds compared to our conventional network duration of 30 seconds)
  • Play a random or pre-recorded song in the background
  • Play custom welcome message
  • Send email notification to any department
  • Send SMS notification to any department
  • Records voice message from the caller
  • Read any pre-recorded message to the caller
  • Automation of your existing customer support system