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Integrated Enterprise Management System (IEMS®)

It takes more effort and physical space to keep track of paper documents, to find information, and to keep details secure. When mistakes are made and corrections or changes are needed, often a manual transaction must be completely redone rather than just updated. 


Integrated Enterprise Management System (IEMS®) is an integrated system aimed at automating all enterprise processes while integrating into any existing solutions. IEMS® is constantly being developed by a combination of software developers, system analysts, and key decision-makers from different sectors: government, education, financial, production, etc. The major aim of IEMS® is to automate the human resource processes and ensure a systematic data transfer between organizations/establishments that is seamless.


Features of IEMS®T

IEMS®T is divided into modules with every organization, agency, or establishment having their peculiar processes. IEMS® is so flexible that it takes into account the uniqueness of each organization.

✔ Personnel Module
✔ Biometric Module
✔ Payroll Module
✔ Medical Module
✔ Attendance Module
✔ Recruitment Module
✔ Filing Module
✔ Memo Module
✔ eLearning Module
✔ Facial Recognition
✔ Temperature Detection Module